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Ayoba-Yo Spicy Biltong Pizza


If you know me and/or have been following me on Instagram, then you know pizza is a usual staple in my weekly foods!

You also may know that I’m always looking for healthy, grab-and-go snacks! One of my go-to's has long been jerky-- until recently…

This past spring, I met Ayoba-Yo at the Philadelphia Fitness Expo. After seeing booth after booth offering up free jerky samples (which I happily accepted at all times), they caught my eye. When passing Ayoba-Yo’s table, I saw items that looked like jerky, but had some crazy other names. Biltong, Droewors, Boerewors, I had no idea what any of this was, but I knew I wanted to try some ;)

While sampling these tender, tasty treats, I learned that Ayoba-Yo isn’t just another “jerky” company, and their products were far from the chewy snacks I was used to gnawing on. Ayoba-Yo is a DC Metro area based company that specializes in South African protein snacks. Their meats are carefully air-dried over the course of 2 weeks, leaving them much more flavorful and juicier than the classic, dehydrated jerky. They use the bare minimum for ingredients and keep everything au-naturel!

But, the biggest thing that turned me onto this company, despite the seriously tender, great-tasting meats (real talk: coming from a big-time turkey jerky girl, this stuff is honestly 80x better. I never knew dried meat could be so soft and flavorful without being packed with artificial flavors…), the biggest thing that turned me onto this company? The nutritional information on all of the products!!

Lower fat, lower carb, and higher protein per serving than jerky, plus, like I said before, minimal ingredients and nothing artificial.

My dreams of finding a healthy, grab-and-go snack came true as I was reading the back of these bags! It was almost too good to be true, so I had to stock up.

Shoutout Ayoba-Yo for knowing that once I got samples, I'd wind up buying in bulk ;)

These bags came in clutch for quick protein hits throughout long days where I couldn’t make a full meal. They were perfect post-workout when I wanted alllll the protein with none of the fat. They were just what I needed in the car during long road trips past countless Burger King rest stations. And, their convenient size made them the ideal "anywhere" snacks to satisfy a craving for salty while keeping me full with protein!

...but, I quickly realized that these South African meats were more than on-the-go snacks, they were pizza toppings!!!

No pizza of mine is ever complete without a solid protein-hit per serving (aka, per pie because that's one serving...), so why not take the protein-packed, flavorful biltong strips and toss them on top??

Quick, easy, no extra preparation needed-- now, that’s my kind of topping. The end result: amazing. The biltong kept it’s spicy flavor while also crisping up, almost like a bacon/prosciutto hybrid *insert mouth watering emoji here*.

This pizza was too good and too easy not to share, so, here you have it:


Quick n’ Easy Ayoba-Yo Spicy Biltong Pizza

Servings: 1


½ bag of Ayoba-Yo spicy beef biltong

1 flatbread wrap, pita bread, or lavish

¼ cup red sauce (either homemade or premade pizza/pasta sauce)

35g mozzarella shredded cheese (regular, light, or fat-free -- your call!)

2 handfuls of baby spinach

Yellow onion

Roasted red peppers

Grape tomatoes

Grated parmesan cheese

Red pepper flakes



1. Chop desired amount of onion and sauté in a pan with a little butter and granulated stevia

2. Once onions are caramelized, bring heat down, add in 2 handfuls of spinach, a few drops of water, and cover until spinach is cooked down

3. Slightly toast bread to get it more firm

4. Top bread with sauce, ½ serving of mozzarella, caramelized onions, spinach, and a little oregano/red pepper flakes

5. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and slice roasted red peppers, add to the top of pizza

6. Add remaining mozzarella, sprinkle with some more oregano and red pepper

7. Spread spicy beef biltong across entire pizza

8. In a toaster oven or regular oven (preheated to 350), bake pizza for about 5 minutes, or until outer crust is golden and cheese is melted

9. Top with grated parmesan and any other spices you wish, let cool, DEVOUR!

10. Make another one with the other half of the bag you have sitting in your cabinet…

**Nutritional information will vary based on ingredient choices, but 1 pizza is roughly around 42g P/ 27g C/ 7g F and 6g fiber!**


Whether you’re on the lookout for a bangin’, healthy pizza or some awesome, healthy snacks, Ayoba-Yo has got you covered! Forget the jerky, hop on this South African protein train once and you’ll never look back.

For more on Ayoba-Yo and to order some of your own, head here:




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