Join Maria Pro of Muscle By Maria, Jessica Hall of AKT, DaVarryl Williamson of TOS Boxing and Alicia Rae of Exhale Yoga & Wellness on Saturday, December 5th, at 10 am for a free outdoor workout benefitting Tennyson Center for Children and A Precious Child!

The workout will run from 10 AM to 11 AM followed by a yoga cooldown!


Stick around because after that there will be great samples, tasty treats, exclusive offers and raffles following, courtesy of Doughbar Doughnuts, Postcard Foods, Dymatize, Defy Performance, OXB Studio, Colorado Discount Nutrition, and more!


For more details and to register, head to Eventbrite (<-- click)


*COVID-19 Precautions: Masks required! Social distancing and sanitizing will be taking place*



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