"CORE-dio" is an 8-week core and cardio focused program consisting of 2 workouts per week. It is to be integrated into your standard strength training regimen as a way to build up core stability and strength, as well as cardiovascular stamina. 

Workouts utilize both direct and indirect core work with 2 different training styles each week. 

All exercises are bodyweight, though options are available for incorporating weight. Minimal space required making these great for home!

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"FALLume" is a 21-day, high-volume program aimed at building lean muscle and increasing overall strength through higher numbers of repetitions and/or sets. 


Each week follows a new style of high-volume training (3 styles in total). Your weeks consists of 6 workouts isolating a specific muscle group each day- allowing you to fully stimulate the targeted muscle group to promote fat loss and muscle growth.


This program is intended for advanced men and women looking to take their training to the next level and develop lean muscle while losing fat. It is not recommended for beginners.


There are 2 versions of this plan available: full-gym and at-home

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"Bodyweight Killers" is a full-body, bodyweight only program perfect for at-home or on-the-go workouts! It consists of 15 individual bodyweight workouts that can combine into over 50 additional workouts!

All workouts provide options for incorporating weights or resistance bands and are fully adaptable for any athlete, beginner to advanced. As well, tips for making the workouts work for you (varying the intensity levels, time frames, formats, etc) are included.

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"Summer Sweat" 2.0 is intended to keep you moving and prevent you from falling off due to busy summer schedules!


Its focus is to provide you flexibility while keeping you on track with your goals. It is written to work around your fitness current routine (be that your favorite weekly spin classes or morning runs...) and can be written for at-home or full-gym equipment.


This program provides tips and tricks for eating and drinking in social settings, as well as daily nutrition guidance. It also teaches you how to track macronutrients in alcohol and meals out to ensure you are hitting your nutritional goals!

This program does NOT provide meal plans or email access for weekly check-ins. It also is NOT meant to be your primary workout plan, but rather a supplement to add into your weekly routine as workouts will range from 2-4/week.

This program DOES entail an initial consultation to discuss health/fitness background, current activity level, weekly arrangements (work/gym/social), and summer plans. From there, you'll be receiving workouts to fit into your current schedule and that align with your goals. I'll be writing workouts for you that provide flexibility in your schedule and give you the most bang for your buck in regards to training frequency. 


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*If you are looking for a more structured plan with both training and nutrition, as well as weekly check-ins, please see details on 1:1 Online Training below.



These programs consist of workout regimens and nutrition planning tailored to your goals with email check-ins weekly. 


Based off of check-ins, exercise and/or nutrition may be modified to ensure results and progress are being made at a consistent pace.


Aside from weekly check-ins, email support is available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise. 

4-week program: $150 **existing clients only**

8-week program: $250

12-week program: $300


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Nutritional coaching based off of your personal goals and activity level. Nutritional coaching includes weekly check-ins and email support. 


Based off of check-ins, nutrition plan may be adjusted to best suit your needs and reach your goal.


Meal ideas, grocery list, tips for eating out/social gatherings, and answers to any of your questions available through 24/7 email support. 


Nutrition coaching does not include a training program.


4-week plan: $70 **existing clients only**

8-week plan: $130

12-week plan: $180

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Nutrition Consultation: I take a look at your current nutrition (as well as activity level and body composition) and give you ways to adapt it to best achieve your goals, including recipe suggestions. 

Macro Consultation: I take a look at your current nutrition, activity level, and body composition to create ranges of macro-nutrients and provide you with tips/recipes to guide you towards your goal. 

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