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This is coming from someone who has been involved in fitness for a few years: I think Maria really helped me switch it up and get my nutrition on track. I was working hard in the gym and eating intuitively but she really helped take me to the next level and break down nutrition into an easy manner. I was able to understand why I was eating what I was eating and the portions. I now have more energy for muscle expenditure. I feel that I have increased my weights drastically because of nutrition alone. I’m by no means a bodybuilder, but I take fitness very seriously and lift heavy. She really upped my game. She helped me do workouts that I never would have considered because cardio was never a priority for me. I love adding in jump roping between sets to keep my heart rate up. She challenges you but works with your schedule. I actually had to ask her to knock a day off and she made it work for me. I’m excited to follow her incredible journey. Thanks Maria!!



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