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Quick & Easy Burrito Bowl


A little late for "Taco Tuesday", I know, but why should we limit our Mexican eating to just one day a week?! With this super quick, super easy taco/burrito bowl recipe, you may or may not find yourself stretching "Taco Tuesday" out a few extra days...

"Fiesta Friday", anyone???


Chicken Burrito Bowl


1 package of Birdseye Protein Blend: Southwest

Chicken breasts




Salsa of your choosing



Shredded cheese of your choosing



1.) Cook chicken breast however you wish (I did so with some chipotle seasoning, lime juice, and onion powder...)

2.) Saute peppers (green, yellow, red, or all of the above!), onions, and minced garlic

3.) Pop your Birdseye bag in the microwave

4.) Put lettuce and tomato down in a bowl, top with Birdseye mix, add in desired amount of chicken, top with cheese

5.) Pop back into microwave for about 10-15 seconds-- just to get the cheese a little melty

6.) Add fajita veggies, avocado, salsa, and whatever else you choose!

7.) Fiesta in your mouth!

Note: 1 Birdseye package is 2 servings, each serving= 14P/53C/4.5F and 17g of fiber!

Nutritional info will vary based off of ingredient choices and portion sizes

My HUGE bowl with 1 serving Birdseye blend, 5 oz chicken, and all the toppings was 50P/64C/13F and 22g fiber


Plain and simple! Other variations include using ground beef, ground turkey, steak, pork, etc.

As well, throw it all into a tortilla and you got yourself a nice burrito and/or a few tacos!

Who needs Chipotle when you have you got this recipe??





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