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Competition Reflection: Part V- Pro-Debut


Here we are, opening a blog with a cheesy quote yet again ;) but really, guys, I wouldn’t put these things here if they didn’t mean something!

^...and THIS quote... ^

it definitely means something to me. The last few weeks, I’ve been living this quote. How? By preparing for my pro-debut at the OCB Yorton Cup World Championship.

This was quite the hefty goal for me. Not only was it my “pro-debut”, but it was…

A.) within 5 months of my first ever competition

B.) a much shorter prep than my last (due to wanting to take 3 solid months of an “off-season” to enjoy all that summer had to offer)

C.) the biggest, most prestigious pro-show on the calendar for the OCB with a ton of the cream-of-the-crop pros showing up to compete

All that being said, yeah, this goal scared me. It scared the crap out of me! But holy cow did it excite me more than anything!!


So, once I was done having my summer fun, it was time to start the “competition prep” grind back up! I couldn’t wait to get back into it. Not only because I -perhaps weirdly to some- enjoy prep (as mentioned in my first reflection), but because I was dying to get the wheels in motion on my road to the Yorton.

Over the next few weeks, I tackled my prep with excitement, motivation, and persistence.

I took it day-by-day, doing my best with each and not putting any additional pressure on myself. Head down, blinders on, grinding on through.

Obviously there were days where I wasn’t perfect-- there were days were workouts were lackluster, energy was zapped, and nutrition wasn’t on point-- but I wasn’t letting those be an excuse to guilt-trip myself, and I wasn’t letting those put me into a negative space or set a tone for the next few days to follow.

So, day-by-day I went through a busy fall filled with multiple events, trips, weekends away, weddings, and so on, until peak week snuck up on me.

I couldn’t believe how quickly everything had passed! It was almost go-time and my nerves were peaking that whole week as well! I was excited, scared, nervous, anxious, and ready!


Fast forward to the morning of October 28th. I woke up 6 shades darker than usual after a night of barely any shut-eye because I was far too excited to sleep, and I was itchin’ to go!

When I got to venue, what I saw was so much more remarkable than what I had imagined. I didn’t see a single body, male or female, that wasn’t 110% conditioned, toned, and chiseled. To say all these fellow pros were top-notch talent is an understatement.

After an afternoon filled with Tupperware meals, rice cakes and peanut butter, Reeces PB cups, and pump-up sessions, it was finally time for the bikini pros to take the stage (we were the last of the pros, and my class was the last of the bikini classes)!

Both bikini classes were STACKED. The judges had their work cut out for them for sure, and we were all on stage for quite some time-- walking forward to the line, back to the line, quarter turn to the right, face front, turn to the back...

It was like the “ball under the cup” game up there, and we were all the cups getting shifted here, there, and everywhere! ...and I loved every minute of it.

In the end, I didn’t wind up placing top 5, which didn’t come as all too much of a surprise because -quite honestly- I didn’t have any crazy expectations going in. Knowing I was a rookie to this game, I went in trying not to put any pressure on myself.

Despite those thoughts, though, I naturally still felt a bit of disappointment in myself-- but I knew very well that I had no reason to be. I brought a better package than last time, and the competition in my category was extraordinary.

The girls that placed top 5 absolutely deserved it. They are what I aspire to build my body into, and maaaannnn did they light my fire!

Regardless of the placing, I had so much fun that day. I loved being on that stage, and it was honestly an honor (I know that sounds cheesy) to stand up there next to those other girls as a pro!

In the grand scheme of things, I feel pretty astonished and damn proud when I reflect on that and everything I’ve done these past 5 months (as talked about below…)

It was a heck of an experience, and I am SO excited to keep this journey going.

We’re just getting started ;)




Set goals! Set both long and short-range goals to keep yourself motivated. Be sure that the short-range goals will eventually lead you to your big-picture, long-range ones. Consider them stepping stones on the path towards something bigger.



Do what you like to do. Don't just start doing something because everyone else is; find what you truly enjoy and do that. In the end, if you don't have a genuine interest in your workouts and lifestyle, you're going to hinder your progress.



Switch things up! I know this may sound kind of funny after just reading #2, but as humans, we can get bored of doing the same thing over and over. As well, our muscles can get "bored" and we can plateau. Do not be afraid to try new things and incorporate change to keep you entertained and your muscles guessing!

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